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Welcome to A LOST GINGER! First off thank you so so so so much for visiting my website and making it to the about me page!! I started A LOST GINGER to share my travel experiences in hopes to inspire and possibly help people (like you!) to explore this huuge and amazing world we live in. 


I first started my adventures at 16 years old when I went on a 4 week student ambassador trip with People to People through France, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. Ever since that first trip, I have deeply fallen in love with the world around us. I love learning about cultures, eating delicious foods, and meeting awesome people along the way. 


Now I am 24 years old and have explored 10 countries. I’ve scuba-dived with sea turtles in Dubai, kissed the Blarney Stone to get the “gift of gab”, studied Spanish for a month in the south of Spain, and slept in a jeep for a week while beach hopping the southern coast of the USA.



I recently graduated from college with a bachelor’s in International Relations and I am currently working at an education non-profit in Texas. I try to jet off to explore other places whenever I can, but that’s quite hard with my budget and time commitments. However, life’s all about balance! I hope that through reading my blog I can show you that balancing work and travel is totally possible. I’m not one of those bloggers that plans on quitting their job and pursuing travel full-time. Although that would be super cool, I honestly don’t think that would be the best life for me. I like having a place to call home, but I also like leaving and learning about the world.

So if you are still wondering what A LOST GINGER is my goal is to create a community of traveling homebody’s that can help each other find that balance between home life and traveling. You will mainly find posts about travel tips and inspiration, but occasionally there will be some lifestyle and faith posts as well! So stick around for a while and don’t hesitate to reach out to me! 🙂


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