Hello Internet!

Lets do this.

I’m honestly not one to share my whole life on the internet so not sure what I’m getting myself into right now but I thought “Hey I have a few adventures under the belt, I’m bored, let’s start a blog!” So here I am sitting in my room writing my first post, exciting!!

So first things first, let me introduce myself. My name’s Courtney. I’m from a small town in Louisiana. I am 20 years old and about to start my junior year of college as an International Studies major.

“Oh what are you going to do with that?”


I still have two years to figure it out let me live.

But seriously people have been asking me that question A LOT and hey I get it they just want to make sure that I have a plan for my future buuuut who really knows what they want to do at 20 years old amiright?


Everything’s going to be okay

The one thing I am certain about? Traveling. 

Honestly there is no better feeling than getting on a plane headed towards somewhere you’ve never been before. All of that excitedeness built up over the past however long you’ve been planning, it’s amazing. And you may have planned but you never know where exactly you’re going to end up, who you’ll meet, or what secrets you’ll uncover.


I started my travels at just 16 years old when I was offered to go on a trip with People to People International, an ambassador program for high-school students teaching “Peace through understanding.” It was a bittersweet first abroad trip (I’ll get to that later though)

And I’ve had quite a few adventures since. Ranging from road-tripping across America with my roommate, learning to scuba dive in Dubai, and recently accomplishing my goal of making it to Ireland by the time I turn 21 (I’m a year early wooo!)



Right now I am currently in the process of moving apartments, buying a new car, starting school again, and hopefully (if I don’t spend all my money on food) planning on studying abroad in Spain next summer. After that? Who knows.


I’ve definitely been blessed with all of the amazing experiences over the past few years and I know I’m not anywhere near done. I hope to share all of my (mis)adventures with yall! Stick around and see where I find myself next! (Don’t forget to subscribe)

Okay here goes nothing. Sending this out into the web.. ttyl 🙂

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